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In Collaboration with Vodacom

Teaming up with Vodacom, we offer solutions that deliver crystal-clear calls and effortless integration with our cloud PBX, setting the standard for superior connectivity.

Cloud Pbx

We’ll set up and configure a cloud-based phone system to meet your specific business requirements.

VoIP Phones

We provide a range of VoIP phones and hardware options to ensure crystal-clear calls and easy integration with your cloud PBX.

Partnered with MTN

Our partnership with MTN ensures crystal-clear calls and effortless integration with our cloud PBX, guaranteeing top-notch communication quality.


Business Voice Services

Accelerate your businesses growth with 3CX phone system. Don’t just rely on phone calls! Use Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, business SMS and Video Conferencing too. All this from a single client so no switching between apps. Choose from web, desktop and mobile clients or easily connect a supported IP Phone. Ready to make the change? 

Here are 6 reasons you should:

1. Enhanced Communication: Expand your communication horizons beyond traditional phone calls. 3CX offers Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook integration, business SMS, and Video Conferencing, enabling you to connect with customers and colleagues using their preferred communication channels.

2. Streamlined Experience: Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps. 3CX consolidates all these communication channels into a single client, making it easier for you to manage and respond to messages and calls efficiently.

3. Multi-Platform Accessibility: Whether you prefer working from a web browser, desktop, or mobile device, 3CX provides flexible client options, ensuring you stay connected no matter where you are.

4. Seamless Integration: Integrate your existing supported IP Phone effortlessly, preserving your current infrastructure while enhancing your communication capabilities.

5. Boosted Productivity: 3CX empowers your team to collaborate more effectively, facilitating smoother communication and enabling faster decision-making.

6. Scalable and Future-Ready: As your business grows, 3CX scales with you. It’s designed to accommodate your evolving communication needs and keep you at the forefront of technology.

Make the switch to 3CX and experience a new level of communication and collaboration that can drive your business to greater heights.

Cloud Telephone System: Empowering Modern Communication

A Cloud Telephone System is a game-changer in modern communication. It replaces traditional on-site PBX hardware with a virtual, cloud-hosted solution. This means your phone system is no longer confined to your office; it’s accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. Enjoy scalability, cost-efficiency, and robust features without the hassle of managing physical equipment.

Unified Communications: Seamlessly Connect and Collaborate

Unified Communications (UC) is all about bringing together various communication tools under one roof. Imagine combining voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools into a single platform accessible on your preferred device. UC streamlines communication, boosts productivity, and simplifies the way you work and connect with others. Say goodbye to siloed apps and hello to unified, efficient communication.

Landline Calls on Any Device

Experience the convenience and flexibility of traditional landline calls on any device with our cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can now make and receive landline calls using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Say goodbye to limitations and stay connected effortlessly, no matter where life takes you. Embrace the future of communication with seamless, device-agnostic landline calls.

Stay Connected Anywhere

Our mobile and desktop app keeps you connected effortlessly. Make calls, send messages, and collaborate seamlessly on the go or at your desk. Experience true mobility in communication with us.

Built In VIdeo Conferencing

Say goodbye to geographic limitations and hello to face-to-face communication from anywhere. Our video conferencing solution takes your meetings to the next level, offering crystal-clear video and audio quality, screen sharing, and collaborative tools. Connect with colleagues, clients, and partners effortlessly, bridging distances and enhancing productivity. Elevate your business communication with the power of video conferencing.


Here are some frequently asked questions

What is a Cloud PBX?

A Cloud Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a phone system hosted in the cloud instead of on-site at your business. It enables you to make and receive calls using the internet, providing flexibility and scalability.

How does Cloud PBX differ from traditional PBX systems?

Cloud PBX eliminates the need for on-site hardware, offers scalability, and allows for remote accessibility. Traditional PBX systems require physical infrastructure and may lack these advantages..

What are the key benefits of switching to a Cloud PBX?
  • Scalability: Easily add or remove users.
  • Cost Efficiency: Reduce hardware and maintenance costs.
  • Mobility: Access your phone system from anywhere.
  • Disaster Recovery: Maintain communication during outages
Is my internet connection suitable for a Cloud PBX?
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Can I keep my existing phone numbers when switching to Cloud PBX?

Yes, you can usually port your existing phone numbers to a Cloud PBX system, ensuring continuity for your business

What features does Cloud PBX offer?

Cloud PBX systems include features like trasnfering of calls,  call forwarding, voicemail-to-email, auto-attendants, and conferencing. You can speak to one of our speciliasts for something more complex feastures and fucntionlity 

What ongoing support is available for Cloud PBX users?

We offer customer support, troubleshooting assistance, and regular updates to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Will My Current Phones Work with a Cloud PBX?

Compatibility with your existing phones depends on several factors, including the type of phones you have and how you want the system to work. Our Cloud PBX systems is designed to work with a wide range of phone models. You may be able to use your current IP phones if they are compatible with the system. However, older analog phones may require adapters or replacement. It’s essential to discuss your current phone setup with your team to determine compatibility and any necessary equipment upgrades or replacements.

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