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Network Security

Protecting data and systems from unauthorized access

Endpoint Monitoring

Securing devices like computers and mobile devices.

Data Encryption

Safeguarding sensitive information.

Threat Dettction

Identifying and responding to cyber threats.

Business Cyber Security

Enhance your business’s cybersecurity defense with Revolution SA, proud partners with ESET. Don’t rely solely on outdated security measures. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including network security, endpoint protection, data encryption, threat detection, and employee training, all backed by the renowned expertise of ESET. With Revolution SA and ESET by your side, you get all the cybersecurity tools you need in one place, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple providers. Choose us to safeguard your digital assets, prevent cyber threats, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. Ready to fortify your defenses? Here are six compelling reasons why you should trust Revolution SA and ESET:

1. Holistic Protection: Go beyond basic security with our complete suite of cybersecurity services, enhanced by ESET’s cutting-edge threat intelligence and technology, ensuring every aspect of your digital infrastructure is shielded from threats.

2. Simplified Security: Say goodbye to the complexity of managing various security solutions. Revolution SA and ESET streamline your cybersecurity strategy for easier monitoring and enhanced protection.

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Whether you’re on the web, desktop, or mobile, our solutions seamlessly adapt to your preferred platform, providing consistent protection across all devices, powered by ESET’s global expertise.

4. Integration Made Easy: Effortlessly integrate our cybersecurity services into your existing infrastructure, preserving your investments while fortifying your defenses with ESET’s trusted solutions.

5. Empowered Resilience: With Revolution SA and ESET, your team can confidently tackle cyber challenges, fostering a proactive security culture that maximizes your resilience against threats.

6. Scalable Security: As your organization evolves, our cybersecurity solutions, backed by ESET’s innovation, grow with you. We’re committed to keeping your business secure and adaptable to future cyber threats.

Make the transition to Revolution SA and ESET’s cybersecurity partnership and fortify your cybersecurity posture with industry-leading expertise. Experience a new level of protection and peace of mind as you navigate the digital landscape securely.

Revolution SA & ESET – Your Digital Guardians

Revolution SA proudly partners with ESET, a global cybersecurity leader dedicated to safeguarding your computers and devices, preserving valuable data, and ensuring the security of your company’s vital knowledge. Eset operates across 200 countries and territories worldwide and empowers users like you to harness the full potential of the Internet while mitigating digital risks. We take pride in the trust that countless individuals and organizations worldwide place in ESET to fortify their digital existence and protect what matters most. Together, we offer you the peace of mind and security you deserve in the digital age.

Award Winning Cyber Security Technology

Comprehensive, multi-platform security for all aspects of your digital life. Secures macOS, Windows and Android devices

What is an endpoint?

If a device is connected to a network, it is considered an endpoint. With the growing popularity of BYOD (bring your own device) and IoT (Internet of Things), the number of individual devices connected to an organization’s network can quickly reach into the tens (and hundreds) of thousands.

Endpoints can range from the more commonly thought of devices such as: Tablets, Mobile devices, Smart watches, Printers & Servers

Stay Protected Everywhere

Because they are entry points for threats and malware, endpoints (especially mobile and remote devices) are a favorite target of adversaries. Mobile endpoint devices have become much more than just Android devices and iPhones—think of the latest wearable watches, smart devices, voice-controlled digital assistants, and other IoT-enabled smart devices. We now have network-connected sensors in our cars, airplanes, hospitals, and even on the drills of oil rigs. As the different types of endpoints have evolved and expanded, the security solutions that protect them have also had to adapt.

Built In Device Managment

Endpoint security is the practice of safeguarding the data and workflows associated with the individual devices that connect to your network. Endpoint protection platforms (EPP) work by examining files as they enter the network. Modern EPPs harness the power of the cloud to hold an ever-growing database of threat information, freeing endpoints of the bloat associated with storing all this information locally and the maintenance required to keep these databases up to date. Accessing this data in the cloud also allows for greater speed and scalability.


Here are some frequently asked questions


ESET PROTECT Platform is a modern, balanced security ecosystem. It is based on the technological superiority of ESET LiveSense, ESET’s multilayered technologies built on 30 years of human expertise, cybersecurity-focused machine learning and ESET LiveGrid, our global, cloud-based reputation tool. ESET PROTECT Platform integrates balanced breach prevention, detection and response capabilities, complemented by ESET managed & professional services, and threat intelligence. It is simple, modular, adaptable, and continuously innovated – always with the benefit of ESET customers in mind.

What are the capabilities of ESET?

ESET PROTECT Platform capabilities:

  • Modern Endpoint Protection
  • Detection & Response (XDR)
  • Server Security
  • Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Mail Security
  • Cloud Application Protection
  • Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Services
  • Console

ESET PROTECT Platform protects all your business environment – endpoints, servers, mobiles, cloud applications, mail and SharePoint environments – across all operating systems, with trademark uniquely balanced protection, robust and simple-to-use architecture, and freedom of choice for cloud or on-prem deployment according to your choice.

What threats will its secure me from?
  • The types of threat that you will be protected from depend on the tier of ESET PROTECT solution that you choose, but in all of these protection levels ESET uses multilayered technologies that go far beyond the capabilities of basic antivirus or antimalware.

    Even lower ESET PROTECT solution tiers provide our top multilayered protection and threat intelligence information, which protects against ransomware and botnets, blocks targeted attacks, prevents data breaches, and detects zero-day threats, fileless attacks, advanced persistent threats and more – thus covering the prevent, detect and respond phases.

    The higher your requirements are, the ESET PROTECT higher solution tiers improve your protection, employing a zero-trust approach, for example through Advanced Threat Defense or XDR.

What are the solution tiers?

ESET PROTECT Platform includes solution tiers:

  • ESET PROTECT Advanced
  • ESET PROTECT Complete

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