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Office Telephone Solution

Say goodbye to outdated office based telephone solutions with the ultimate replacement, for the office of the future.

The only product of its kind that offers you a fully-fledged office based phone solution with the biggest advantage: No Internet solution needed, No PABX in the cloud, No microwave links, ADSL lines, LTE’s or fiber lines required, No network cabling, No physical installation, No third party supplier, (solution through MTN) Saving you time and money.

No data or Airtime on your phone – NO problem you call for FREE within your group

Run your entire office Telephone solution on GSM, but add the needed tools to control and monitor all staff.

Data Solution

Every mobile worker requires data to function optimally.

Although the use of mobile data is not needed for the telephony component to function. The “new normal” requires all of society to be connected, and to function in the digital realm as well as the physical.

For these users, we offer a very cost effective and manageable data solution, that runs entirely on the technology we have become so accustomed to use on a daily basis in our lives.

We support the full spectrum from 3G, to HSDPA, to LTE, and soon, the 5G realm as well.

Our Mad World Is New.. We Must Think Anew! And Act. ‘We Must Disenthrall Ourselves’ And Then We Can Save Humanity.” - Abraham Lincoln

A Mobilized Workforce Requires a Mobile PBX

The Mobile PBX System is a feature for feature premise-based PBX replacement solution, with full convergence to provide these PBX feature on a Mobile Device. It provides all the functionality from a fully redundant, hosted environment, built and integrated into the Mobile GSM network.

A Solution That Fits Your Financial & Operational Constraints

The system provides a fully secure and private PBX for an enterprise of any size and complexity. Your company will have access to all the familiar telephone management & administration systems needed to run a PBX, without having to be concerned with the underlying management and system maintenance of a complex enterprise wide PBX implementation.

A Solution That Suites Your Needs

A telephony system that is designed to meet the requirements for carrier grade telecommunications infrastructure, which far exceeds that of typical on promise PBX solutions.

MPBX is also a fully converged Fixed and Mobile solution, combining the best features and benefits of traditional and VoIP fixed line voice services, with Nationwide Voice coverage on Mobile Networks.

Fully redundant with each component deployed in a high availability multiple system environments (n+1 and 1+1) All supporting systems such as power, cooling, network connectivity, interconnections, voice peering links, management systems are also fully redundant with multiple hardware and software implementations to ensure a functionally available and stable system.

Fully scalable to millions of extensions and hundreds of thousands of concurrent calls. Fully monitored and managed by the network for failures, faults, overloads and performance. Fully Secured voice ensuring a high level of privacy and security for sensitive communications. Compliant with regulatory requirements regarding legal intercept, record keeping and other legal requirements.

Last But Not Least: A Mobile and Simplified Solution

Quite simply, MPBX removes all the complication from the enterprise and allows them to manage their day to day fixed and mobile communications requirements in a simple, coordinated and cost effective manner.

Experience is the child of Thought, and Thought is the child of Action’”
-Benjamin Disraeli & Vivian Grey

Limitations & complexities of IP based Conventional Platforms (PBX)

IP Based Platforms

Tech Teams

“Simplicity is a prerequisite for reliability.” – Edsger Dijkstra

Running Voice the way it was intended, on a stable reliable 1G Network, with all the benefits and features of a 4G and 5G network

Powered By The Most Reliable Mobile Network

World Class Network

South Africa's Leading Mobile Network

99 %Coverage

With a 99% coverage in the whole of South Africa on the 1G network, this makes it the perfect carrier to deliver the service, every time

24/7 Support

To back the world class network, there is a 24/7 Enterprise contact center that manage service request.

High Standard

Multi Award Winning for network of the Year, Year after year.

Customized Branded Content

Operator Training

Introduction training video to our Web or Java based Operator Panel. This allows you to see which users in your business are busy on a call, ringing, or even on Do Not Disturb. This can also be used to transfer phone calls, Telephone Directory and Team Allocation or Departmentalizing your business.

Mobile Application

Customized per customer

Quick dial for extensions, quick feature access, custom speed dials. Home Screen Widget also available for even quicker communication and no need to open a Mobile application.


Communication tool for customer to log service requests and even request additional services or products to be added.


Increase brand awareness as each re-seller gets to brand the application with their logo, details, and other services and offerings.

MPBX With a National Coverage

Secure, Reliable Voice

Majority popular voice solutions depend on the Internet.
Although the internet is the invention of the Century, it has also introduced a multitude of vulnerabilities .

VOIP is one of the most “Overlooked” security components, this is only addressed once a customer has experienced a Security breach, and there is an astronomical bill due to your provider. Resulting in no payment, means that your whole business could come to an abrupt standstill when your service gets disconnected.

Mobile Fidelity has been engineered and designed to ensure that the voice is so secure, that it cannot be breached in any way from any point on the internet. This solution does not use a single kilobyte of data, and therefore does not need to be connected to the “cloud” at all.

GSM Technology is the most secured cellular telecommunications system available today. GSM has built in security methods as part of the protocol standardization. GMS maintains end-to-end security retaining confidentiality of calls and anonymity of the GMS subscriber.

This decreases the complexity of the solution, resulting in a more stable and reliable solution.

Fast & Effective deployment

Having the ability to pre-configure hardware, pre-install custom written software, test and document every solution, before it is shipped to the end user, makes this one of the most effective and rapidly deployed solutions.

Handsets can be sent to a central location, office, or to a user anywhere within South Africa.
Upon Arrival of the equipment, the process has been simplified to the user by simply switching on their mobile device.

Custom documentation, training videos, quick reference guides along with the customized mobile application makes the perfect product to be deployed without a single piece of hardware or networking equipment. 

The result is thus a fully fledged MobilePBX solution that can be deployed anywhere is South Africa where there is GSM Signal, without the presence of any network engineer, or any IP infrastructure.