Agriculture Technology

Agricultural technology is by far become a critical part of a successful farming operation and the reason is simply, it can guarantee results and it can significantly reduce input costs, reduce the labor costs, increase safety and cut-down the maintenance costs.


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• Auto steering capabilities that give you 2.5cm accuracy
• RTK connected service
• Terrain adaptability
• 0.7 – 15km/h speed
• Resume from breakpoint

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• Area metering capabilities
• GIS supported forma
• Human Intervention Modes
• System Guidance

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• You can select or create the field
• You can select or create the boundary lines
• You can either import of create the guidance lines
• You have the option to choose the operational type


We have the answers for you

Our Autosteering Kit are compatible to several different machineries such as:

  • Tractors
  • Sprayers
  • Harvesters

It is very important to keep in mind that optimum operation is model specific. We have our team of experts ready to engage and advise.

We are here to assist, we do not only install, but we provide training to optimise productivity.

You just need to contact us, our team will diagnose, troubleshoot, and advise a permanent remedy. We will also advise the root of the problem. Business continuity is of vital importance, so we work on the simple concept of “Prevention is better cure”.

Yes, open stations can be easily adopted. You will be surprised how easy it is, you literally just need to adjust the antennas at the 2 sides on the top of the tractor.

You will be able to work under such conditions, we provide solutions that speak to not only the industry and your business, but we make sure that durability is upheld. That is why our system is waterproof and dustproof. We also provide protective casing for the control terminal.

The diameter of the motor is 18cm with a thickness of 8cm. Operational temperatures are anything between -20℃- +70℃

Our latest attitude angle sensors only require a bolt on the front of the wheel and the angle sensor itself be installed in different angles, it means that even if you have fender on the steering or the axle, the sensor can be use as per normal. In addition, even if the angle sensor is not installed, you can opt to use the no sensor mode for automatic driving.

There are 2 types of services that we offer, namely, Mobile Base Station and Network Base Station services. With FDJ Mobile Base Stations, you have ability to operate with high-precision with having to worry about 4G networks.

No, they are the same. They both have the accuracy of about 2.5cm.


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